STI Preliminary New Syllabus

STI Preliminary New Syllabus

General Ability Test:

Question Number – 100 Total Marks – 100 Levels – Graduation Time – 1 Hours Question Format – Objective

Current Events – Global as well as India

Civics – Preliminary study of the constitution of India, state management (administration), heating management (administration)

History of modern India, especially Maharashtra

Geography (with special reference to the geography of Maharashtra) – earth, region of the world, climate, latitude, longitude, land types in Maharashtra, rainfall, major crops, cities, rivers, industries, etc.

Economy – Indian Economy – National income, agriculture, industry, foreign trade, banking, population, poverty, currency and fiscal policies etc.

Government Economy – Budget, Accounting, Auditing etc.

General Sciences – Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany and Health Sciences.

Intelligence tests and arithmetic

STI Mains Exam Syllabus